Blepharoplasty Risks and Complications

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Possible Risks and Complications of Blepharoplasty

No surgery is completely free of risks. You should educate yourself about blepharoplasty so that you can make an informed choice.

If you choose a skilled and qualified plastic surgeon for your blepharoplasty, complications are infrequent, and, are generally minor when they do occur. Knowing what to expect and keeping tabs on your recovery will help to minimize your risks. Make sure that you understand the instructions your plastic surgeon's office gives you and follow their advice.

Before your surgery, it is important that you follow all the preoperative instructions. After surgery, if you notice anything unusual, call the office.

Some of the possible complications of blepharoplasty are:

Other, potentially more serious complications are:

If you have any concerns about the way you are healing, get in touch with your plastic surgeon's office. Don't wait until your next appointment if you have serious concerns.

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