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AZ - Dermabrasion Arizona Surgeons

Arizona Dermabrasion Research Info:

If you're from Arizona and are looking for a cosmetic plastic surgeon to perform your dermabrasion procedure, it is important to do your background information gathering. FaceForum has compiled some general information on choosing a dermabrasion surgeon that applies regardless of where you live. If you haven't read through the "General Considerations for Choosing Your Dermabrasion Surgeon", then please do so. [Link]

Each state has a medical board which is responsible for medical licensure and discipline. In Arizona, it is the Arizona Medical Board that has that responsibility. The Arizona Medical Board maintains a website at http://www.azmd.gov/ and you can use some of the tools there to research your dermabrasion surgeon's credentials.

For your convenience, we've collected some information that our Arizona visitors may find helpful.

Contact Information for the Arizona Medical Board:

Arizona Medical Board
9545 E. Doubletree Ranch Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85258
Telephone: 480-551-2700
Toll-Free: 877-255-2212
Websites of interest for people researching the credentials of surgeons who perform dermabrasion in Arizona:

If you find that any of our information is incorrect or has been updated, please be so kind as to send us an e-mail. If you can provide us with the correct information, that would be very helpful. [email protected]

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