Preparing for Your Facelift


Preparing For Your Facelift

Things To Know Before You Go

Preparing for your facelift

Prior to your facelift, your surgeon will assess your medical history to check for conditions that may interfere with the surgery or the healing process after the facelift. Some of the common conditions that raise a flag of concern are:

As we mentioned in the facelift consultation checklist, make sure you tell your plastic surgeon about any medication you are taking. Be sure to mention any over-the-counter medicines, herbs and supplements that you take. Many people find that it helps to open up their medicine cabinets and make a list before they go to their doctor's office.

Facelift instructions

Your plastic surgeon's office will provide you with specific instructions to follow before your facelift surgery. They will include a list of dos and don'ts about eating, drinking, and what kinds of medications you can and cannot take before your surgery. You will likely be told to give up smoking for two to four weeks before surgery because smoking interferes with your ability to heal. You will probably be told to avoid aspirin for a week or more before your facelift as well.

Follow the facelift pre-op instructions from your doctor carefully. If you don't understand an instruction, ask for clarification. If you fail to follow the instructions, you could put yourself at risk.

Facelift preparation tips

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