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Dr. Grant Stevens Discusses the Many Benefits of Surgery-Free Cosmetic Treatments with LA Times

Article courtesy of Marina Plastic Surgery Associates
August 2, 2011

Dr. Grant Stevens is an internationally renowned plastic surgeon from Marina del Rey, California. He practices at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates and is director of of the aesthetic plastic surgery fellowship at the University of Southern California. Known for his innovative talents and respected expertise in cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures, Dr. Stevens is consistently delivering the highest quality results with maximum comfort to his patients.

Marina Plastic Surgery Associates is overflowing with the latest and most trusted technology for non-invasive cosmetic procedures, as well as traditional plastic surgery procedures. Dr. Steven’s equipment, as well as his unsurpassed precision and success, have caught the attention of the Los Angeles Times newspaper. Dr. Stevens was featured in the LA Times “No Knife Needed” article where he discusses and explains the state-of-the-art instruments that his practice has to offer.

According to the article, “Eighty-three percent of all cosmetic procedures performed in the offices of cosmetic plastic surgeons in 2010 were nonsurgical” (Carpenter, LA Times). Dr. Stevens and his staff invite you to read what all of the fuss is about and see if a nonsurgical procedure that slims, shapes, tightens, and smoothes is right for you. For more information about any of these procedures or Marina Plastic Surgery Associates, contact the office at 877-298-9915.

Click here to read the full Los Angeles Times “No Knife Needed” article. 



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