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Safe, Non-Invasive Treatment for Rejuvenation of All Skin Types

Article courtesy of Dr. M. Kirk Moore, M.D.
May 1, 2010
You may have read about skin treatments, but just as you began to feel excited about the possibilities, you got to those last lines that said, “Not suitable for darker skin types.” Luckily, the Fraxel laser has opened up a whole new world! Darker skin types and many of those with sensitive skin can now be treated without creating new pigmentation problems or harming their skin further.

Unlike many chemical peels and other traditional skin rejuvenation methods that can make your skin look worse if you have a darker skin tone, the Fraxel laser gives these patients the opportunity to be treated for acne scars, age spots, fine lines, and uneven pigmentation without worry.

The precision of the Fraxel laser is unprecedented, and it allows the doctor to affect only the skin that requires treatment, penetrating deep to the under-layers where the healing will take place. This leaves the top layer of skin intact so that only a day or two after the treatment, you look better.

The Fraxel laser is so precise, in fact, that it can safely target the fine lines around the sensitive skin of the eyes. No need for surgery, and no need to receive an injection like Botox or Restylane. No need for a chemical peel, which can keep your face looking red for several days.

So, what makes the Fraxel laser so revolutionary? The light beams pinpoint the specific treatment areas in the same way that a Photoshop expert will fix one pixel of a photograph at a time. Your doctor becomes more like someone who retouches the cover of a magazine or a fine painting restorer who painstakingly alters only those areas where a wrinkle is visible or the color is uneven. The technique eliminates old, damaged skin cells and stimulates the production of new skin cells, as well as that all-important collagen which makes you look younger.

The technique can be used not only on the face but on the sensitive areas of the neck, chest, hands, and just about anywhere you want your skin to look better. It can improve the texture of your skin and reduce pore size.

Ask your local doctor about whether the Fraxel laser is right for you and what you want to accomplish, or call my office for a consultation. There is no longer a need to shy away from the skin rejuvenation you have always wanted!

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