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Treatment of Melanoma

Treatment of Melanoma

Treatment for melanoma varies depending on what type of surgery or excision is used. chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiation and regional perfusion and are the most common treatments for melanoma depending on it’s metastatic status. Of course as with any medicine or cancer treatment, there are side effects that you should discuss at length with your surgeon. You want to be sure you know all of your options and choose the best treatment to suit your lifestyle and type of cancer.
  • Chemotherapy - targeted at cancer cells to destroy melanoma throughout the body. A medical oncologist will administer chemotherapy.
  • Immunotherapy - used when metastatic or if there is a high risk of recurrence via biologic agents that stimulate the immune system.
  • Radiation therapy - prevents a local recurrence of melanoma where clear solutions are not obtainable using other treatment options. This may also be used in conjunction with other therapies. There is also sterotactic radiosurgery where high doses of radiation are injected into an area to halt the metastatic melanoma.
  • Regional Perfusion - used to treat a specific limb in the body where multiple areas have been affected by metastatic melanoma.
Post-treatment, you will want to monitor and actively prevent any recurrence of melanoma. Even with just a scare -- be sure to self-test and visit the doctor in case there are any abnormalities. You will be able to do several types of scans and blood testing to determine if additional action in the future is needed.

Being fully informed is the first step so rest assured you are starting in the right place.

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