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Janice's Story

Fraxel Re:pair

I am 55 and have been doing research for treatments for my face for years. I have done the Obagi Blue Peel twice. I have done the Obagi skin care several times. I also have done the jessner peel and Fraxel re:store.  

I went for a consult and was told that Fraxel re:pair was the closest thing to a face lift without having a facelift. I knew it would be painful because of having the re:store done several times. My doctor said this was even more intense. I made the decision to be put to sleep. It was an extra $500.00 but I knew what pain to expect and I was not going to sit through that.

Day one: I was sleepy and I looked almost black from the procedure but little pain. I did vinegar/water soaks and aquafor every two hours, even through the night.

Day two: Swollen still black/red and doing the soaks but every 4 hours with aquafor. Ugly!!! Got to take a shower though.

Day three: Very, very swollen and still very burned looking but just doing aquafor now.

Day four: Still swollen, maybe not as much but still ugly and burned.

Day five: Same as yesterday. But they told me to use a steriod cream I was told to use pre-procedure. This helped with the itching and the redness. 

Day six: Better but still ugly but went out today but had to explain what I did to everyone. Tomorrow is another day! 

Three weeks: My face looks amazing and so far I am very pleased. It still is a little pink and it feels like I have a mask on but my face looks so smooth and this is a process that is suppose to get better with time so if that is the case, I am going more than pleased, thrilled! Everyone seems to think my skin looks great.

- Janice

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