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29 yr old Female undergoes a Chin Implant in Liposuction

Photos courtesy of: Scott J. Zevon, MD, FACS, New York, NY, Dr. Scott J. Zevon

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Dr. Scott J. Zevon

Photos courtesy of: Dr. Scott J. Zevon, M.D.
Subject # 1 Age: 29 Sex: F This 29 year old, 5' 5", 145 pound female patient presented with microgenia (small chin). Working under local anesthesia, Dr. Zevon prepared her neck and the area under her chin for liposuction by tumescent infiltration after which he performed syringe liposuction. After the liposuction was complete, Dr. Zevon inserted a chin implant (McGhan chin implant size 3) via a submental incision (under the chin). After the surgery, the patient’s nose and chin are more symmetrical, her profile is sharper, and her chin and jawline appear sculpted. The post-operative photos were taken 3 months after the surgery.
Time elapsed between before and after photos: 3 Months
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