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Obagi Peels Transforms Appearance of Skin

Photos courtesy of: Ramin A. Behmand, M.D., F.A.C.S, Walnut Creek, CA

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Front View Before Obagi Peel
Front View Before Obagi Peel

Front View After Obagi Peel
Front View After Obagi Peel

This woman went to see Dr. Ramin Behmand to discuss the possibilities for improving the appearance of her skin.  Dr. Behmand is a board certified surgeon practicing in Walnut Creek, CA.  This woman wanted to get rid of her brown spots and shrink the appearance of her pores.  Dr. Behmand recommended the Obagi peel.  This patient elected to have the peel and was happy with the outcome.  The end result eliminated most of the hyperpigmentation, shrunk the appearance of her pores, decreased the laxity of the skin and helped with wrinkles.
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