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The Dermabrasion Procedure

The Dermabrasion Procedure

What to Expect Before, During, and After

The Dermabrasion Procedure

Prior to the dermabrasion procedure your doctor will give you guidelines on what is acceptable to eat and drink. He or she may also encourage you to quit smoking for two weeks before and after the surgery as well as stopping the use of aspirin, or other medications that may thin your blood. Thinning your blood prior to surgery may result in excess bleeding and difficulty scabbing.

Your surgery will be performed in either your doctor’s office or in an outpatient surgical facility. The type of anesthesia used will depend on your surgeon. Some doctors prefer to administer sedation while others will only use local anesthesia (usually when the area is limited, such as a single scar).

The procedure could vary anywhere between a few minutes to an hour and a half (depending on the amount of skin involved). When the procedure begins your doctor will cleanse your skin with an anti-septic agent. Many surgeons will spray your skin with a freezing agent, or use ice packs to freeze the skin. Following the freezing your surgeon will use a hand-held machine which rotates at high speed; this machine is about the size of a pencil. At the tip of this tiny machine is a small cone of sandpaper or a stiff brush. This instrument will sand down the outer layer of your skin leaving you scabbed. The scab will remain on your face for approximately one week. Once the scab does peel off you are left with new, very pink, skin.

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