Coronal Browlift

The Coronal Browlift

The coronal browlift is one of two primary browlift techniques.  The other is called the endoscopic browlift.  During the coronal method of brow lift, your doctor will first tie your hair back then trim it along the incision line. Your doctor will find the least visible spot to make the incision, but it will usually be hidden along the hairline or in the scalp somewhere. Make sure to ask your surgeon where he will make the incision and how he will hide it before you go into surgery.

Once your surgeon has trimmed your hair where the incision will be, he will use a scalpel to make the incision. In the coronal forehead lift, the incision will stretch from ear to ear. Your surgeon will then lift your forehead skin and remove excess tissue. In some cases, your doctor will reposition certain muscles or even remove them; he/she will also lift your eyebrows. Your surgeon will trim any remaining excess skin then suture the incision.


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