Introduction to Brow Lift, Also Known as Forehead Lift

A browlift, also known as a forehead lift, is most commonly used to treat those bothered by expression lines and signs of aging. This cosmetic plastic surgery procedure minimizes creases developed along the forehead, between the eyes or on the bridge of the nose. It is also used to help improve frown lines. During the procedure your surgeon is able to reposition a low/sagging brow covering the eyelid. Your eyebrows are raised into a more youthful position. Although a browlift is not able to prevent or slow down the aging process it can certainly improve the horizontal lines and furrows that often make one appear older, angry, tired or sad. This procedure works by raising the muscles and tissues that cause the brow to droop. Your forehead is not only repositioned, but it is left looking smoother and more youthful as well. Other anti-aging procedures that may be used in conjunction with a brow lift include eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), dermal fillers and fat transfers, facelift, and laser skin resurfacing and/or hair transplantation.

Two different methods can be used during the brow lift procedure, the conventional browlift (coronal brow lift) and the endoscopic browlift. The coronal brow lift is more invasive and requires a longer recovery period, while the endoscopic procedure uses smaller incisions and cameras. Both are equally effective.

Browlift is one of a large number of anti-aging plastic surgery procedures designed to help you look more youthful.  These procedures can be surgical or non-surgical in nature and include faceliftblepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), dermal fillerslaser skin resurfacing and others.  You may read about all of these procedures on our site or use the Quick Topic Navigation below to learn more about browlifts.


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