The Chemical Peel Procedure Itself

The Chemical Peel Procedure

What to Expect Before & During a Chemical Peel

The Chemical Peel Procedure

Prior to your procedure your doctor may recommend that you refrain from using certain medications and also prepare your skin with pre-conditioning lotions. The procedure is normally performed right in your doctor’s office and no anesthesia or sedation is necessary.

The chemical solution can be applied to either your entire face or just a certain region depending on your preference. A plastic surgeon will use a sponge or cotton pad to apply the solution (brush or swab for smaller areas). This solution is either glycolic, trichloroacetic, salicylic, lactic or carbolic (phenol) acid. Once the solution is applied your doctor will observe the changes in your skin’s appearance. According to their observations he/she will determine the amount of time the solution will remain on your skin.

If you choose the AHA peel the procedure will take no longer then ten minutes. “After Peel” ointment will not be necessary, but periodic treatments may be.

During a TCA or phenol peel there may be a short period of time where you feel a stinging sensation. A full face TCA peel will not take longer than fifteen minutes. In order to obtain your desired results it is possible that two or more treatments may be necessary. These treatments are spaced out over several months. If you receive a mild TCA peel you may be treated as frequently as once a month. Once the solution is removed from your skin your doctor will coat the treated area with petroleum jelly or waterproof adhesive tape. A full face phenol peel generally takes between one and two hours.

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