Recovering from Dermabrasion (Skin Planing or Dermaplaning)

Dermabrasion Recovery

What to Expect After Dermaplaning

Recovering From Dermabrasion

During the dermabrasion recovery period your skin may be left red and swollen. Using your face for every day activities, such as eating and talking, may be difficult due to the scabbing and swelling that may occur. Although any pain felt can be treated with medication, you may feel tingling, burning or aching. The swelling will go down in approximately one week.

Recovery from dermabrasion is much like recovering from a scrape you would get as a child. A scab or crust appears over the treated area as it heals. A new layer of tight pink skin will appear underneath. You may experience some itching of the treated skin, in which case your doctor may recommend an ointment to treat that.

For men, after the surgery your doctor will tell you to stop shaving for a period of time. Once you are allowed to shave again, he/she may recommend that you use an electric razor to ease your skin back into the process.


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