Injectable Collagen

Injectable Collagen

Such As Artefill®, Zyderm®, Zyplast®, Cosmosplast® and Cosmoderm®

Collagen Injections

The dermis (the layer of skin below the uppermost layer) is primarily made up of a protein called collagen. This protein forms a network of fibers that acts as a support for the skin. Collagen has been referred to as “the glue that holds the body together.” It provides the skin with strength, flexibility and resilience.

As people age, collagen naturally degenerates which leads to wrinkles. To fight this visible sign of aging, medical professionals have been using collagen in an injectable form to augment the body’s loss of natural collagen.

Injectable collagen is made from cows and is commonly called bovine collagen. It is chemically similar to the collagen found in humans. Because injectable collagen is derived from cows, there is risk of an allergic reaction.

Some of the brand names of collagen fillers include Artefill®, Zyderm®, Zyplast®, Cosmosplast® and Cosmoderm®. These dermal fillers are approved by the FDA to be used for eye wrinkles and other facial wrinkles and folds. These fillers are also commonly used on other areas of the body. On average, these products have results that last three to four months. Side effects that have been reported are bruising, redness and swelling at the injection site.


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