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Eyelid Surgery Costs

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Eyelid surgery costs

In 2009, the average plastic surgeon's fee for eyelid surgery was $2,717. (This cost data comes from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons which has over 95% of board certified plastic surgeons as members.)  The surgeon's fee does not include the cost of the operating facility (outpatient surgery facility, surgery suite or hospital.)  It does not include include the cost of anesthesia, the cost of medications, or the cost of any post-surgery supplies.

Prices can vary greatly from region to region.  For instance, the mid-Atlantic states have surgeon's fees that are, on average, more than twenty percent above the national averages.  The best way to understand the range of eyelid surgery costs in your area is to make a list of plastic surgeons you think you might use, and then start calling their offices to get general pricing information.

Remember too, that there will be some cost differences between having only upper or lower eyelid surgery and having both sets of eyelids done.

Making your decision on price alone is not always a wise move. Choose your plastic surgeon based on skill, training, reputation, and experience. Learn how to obtain plastic surgery financing for your Eyelid Surgery.


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