Dr. Michele Ware

Dr. Ware is a visionary in advanced age-reversing techniques and wellness. She is in the top 7% of the injectors in the nation and was selected by Allergan to continue her training with world renowned plastic surgeons and dermatologist. A Board Certified Physician since 2001, Dr. Ware completed medical school at Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. Practicing for over 14 years, she is specialized in the field of aesthetic medicine and has developed strongly held beliefs about how this care should be delivered. Dr. Ware’s ethics, expertise, natural approach to aesthetics and focus on patient education comprises the distinctive foundation that sets her apart from other providers.

She believes “prevention is paramount” when it comes to aging gracefully and that real results are achieved gradually in a subtle and transformative manner. Her assessment and treatment plans are comprehensive, realistic, measured and based in science. Although formulas for “beauty” in medical aesthetics can be helpful, Dr. Ware’s artistry is not something that can be taught. She provides her patients with the perfect blend of science and art, yielding an unsurpassed confidence in her treatments.Dr. Ware specializes in administering Botox, Dysport, Juvederm, Sculptra, Voluma, Restylane, Radiesse and Perlane. In addition to performing these injections her medical and nursing staff also perform Thermage, Fraxel, IPL, Clear and Brilliant and laser hair removal under her supervision.

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