Dr. Stanley Rous

Dr. Rous is a co–founder of the Fort Lauderdale Eye Institute. He has spent his entire career always striving to provide the best of care for his patients. He likes to feel that he has retained the significance of what it means to be physician and to put his patient’s needs at the forefront. He has been at the cutting edge of so many of the advances in Ophthalmology that have taken place over the last several decades and brings that gratifying experience to his patients in a warm and friendly way.

Dr. Rous’ outside interest include his family, physical fitness, bicycling, and nutrition. He is a past member of the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

Dr. Rous’ career has fortuitously enabled him to be along the leading edge of many of the modern advances in ophthalmology over the past 30 years.

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Fort Lauderdale Eye Institute

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