Dr. William Sabbagh

Today there is a wealth of cosmetic surgery information about enhancing your appearance via the internet and brochures. Unfortunately, there is also a bombardment of advertising that includes designer names and slogans such as “breakthrough, revolutionary, minimally invasive, less scaring, shorter recovery time”. The buyer must beware. If it has a fancy name, it’s usually better marketing than medicine.
As surgeons, we are continually asked to provide more with less and with no downtime. Patients have to be realistic. My main goal is to recommend a technique that will provide the best result under the safest conditions. The gold standard continues to be the proven, more traditional surgical procedures. Less-invasive procedures definitely have a place in our practice and, when used appropriately, have beautiful results. Being a board certified plastic surgeon has given me the training and experience to evaluate new procedures and recommend them when appropriate. I may be able to suggest several different procedures, not just one, that could be of benefit.
In a complete and confidential consultation, I will listen to your concerns and make customized recommendations that reflect your goals. Many “before” and “after” photographic results will be reviewed with each patient. Each year hundreds of new patients achieve improved looks and new confidence from their surgery at the Straith Clinic. I offer expertise on all the latest advances in cosmetic and plastic surgery, will address each patient’s concerns, and I will provide an honest, ethical, and expert opinion in cosmetic and plastic surgery.

Bingham Farms Michigan plastic surgeon Dr William Sabbagh


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