Resuming Normal Activity After / Back to Work

Rhinoplasty Recovery

Returning to Work & Resuming Normal Activity

After your rhinoplasty - Going back to work and resuming your normal activities

You will probably be up on your feet and moving about the house by the end of day two. If you have a desk job or if you are a student, you should be able to get back to work/school within 7 to 10 days after your surgery. If your job is strenuous (lifting, climbing, etc.) you can expect to be on limited duty for three weeks to a month.

During the first month after your surgery, you can gradually ramp up your activity level.  Go easy on anything that raises your blood pressure or induces stress.  Some of these activities are weight lifting, running, swimming and diving, bending, climbing and sex.)

Be very careful when you wash your face so that you do not bump your nose. (Actually, be careful whatever you do -- and don't bump your nose.)  Avoid harsh nose-blowing and do not rub your nose.

Wear sunscreen and stay out of the sun so that you don't get burned.

Corrective Lenses

If you wear contacts, you should be able to put them back in within a matter of days after your surgery. If you wear eyeglasses, you cannot allow them to rest on the bridge of your nose one your splint is removed.  Be sure to discuss eyeglasses with your plastic surgeon.  There are a number of work-arounds, but none of them are pretty and almost all look dorky. (Think forehead-tape to hold up your glasses.)  It is not usual to have to keep the weight of your glasses off your nose for two full months, until you are completely healed.

Follow-up Visits

Your plastic surgeon's office will schedule a series of follow up visits to occur after your rhinoplasty.  These appointments will give your plastic surgeon the opportunity to monitor your progress.  If you notice any problems between scheduled visits, call your plastic surgeon's office right away.  Don't wait until the next scheduled appointment.

Long-term healing

Healing takes time. Some swelling, usually noticeable only to you, may persist for several months.  You can expect to see the final results of your rhinoplasty six to twelve months after your surgery. Because they get less blood flowing through them, the areas around the tip of your nose may be the slowest to heal.


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