Revision Rhinoplasty

Practice: Revision Rhinoplasty

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As an expert nasal surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Hoefflin of Los Angeles is frequently consulted for patients requesting secondary or revision rhinoplasty. As you can see in this patient’s revision rhinoplasty before and after photos, the first surgeon left her with a nose that had two different planes. She came to Dr. Hoefflin to have it fixed. Dr. Hoefflin utilizes advanced surgical techniques to restore and improve any contour irregularities from the patient’s previous surgery. Septal (nose) or auricular (ear) cartilage grafts can be used to fill, support, and better define deficient areas of the nose. In addition, these can be used as spreader grafts to improve difficult breathing in patients who present with compromised nasal airways. For more complex or collapsed noses, Dr. Hoefflin may use small sections of rib cartilage to rebuild and support your existing nasal framework.

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