How Much Does Fraxel Laser Treatment Cost?

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Fraxel® Laser Treatments - Price and Cost Information

Article reviewed by: M. Kirk Moore, M.D. - West Jordan, Utah

Prices for Fraxel® Laser skin resurfacing vary around the country and even from doctor to doctor. Most practitioners sell Fraxel® Laser treatments in packages of multiple treatments, from 3 - 5 treatments in total. Prices can range from $1,000 for a single treatment to $5,000 depending on the number of treatments, area of the country and surgeon. Most board certified plastic surgeons provide discounts for packages of multiple treatments. Use of anesthesia can also impact the price. Fraxel® Laser treatment typically requires only topical anesthesia. However, if you want to be put to sleep using general anesthesia or require very deep treatment that may warrant general anesthesia, that will add to the cost.

In addition to the procedure cost, you may need to purchase ointments, dressings, special washes, and, possibly, prescription painkillers or antibiotics if your treatment is a very deep one. Your plastic surgeon can help you to estimate how much these items will cost, but generally they are not expensive relative to the cost of the procedure.

It is important to realize that Fraxel® Laser resurfacing is not usually covered by health insurance. That does not mean that you must pay for it up front. Many doctors participate in programs that allow consumers to pay for the procedure over time. Ask the doctor if he/she works with any of the plastic surgery financing companies. If so, you can apply for a loan through your plastic surgeon.


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