Recovery from Fraxel Laser Skin Resurfacing

Recovery from Fraxel® Laser Skin ResurfacingWhat to Expect After Your Fraxel® Laser Procedure

Recovery from Fraxel® Laser Skin Resurfacing - What You Can Expect

Article reviewed by: M. Kirk Moore, M.D. - West Jordan, Utah

One of the most popular reasons for choosing Fraxel® Laser skin resurfacing is that the recovery time can be much faster than with traditional laser skin treatments. Depending on the laser settings used, you may feel only mild discomfort (like sunburn) for a few hours. However, if stronger settings are used, recovery can take longer and discomfort will be higher. The key to remember is that the more aggressive the treatment, the longer the recovery.

Mild treatments typically remain pink for 1-2 days and during that time will look like a modest sunburn. Around the third or fourth day, the skin will appear slightly tanned or bronzed and will start to peel lightly. By day six or seven, rejuvenated skin will have appeared. The area around the eyes may experience light swelling for 2-3 days after the procedure. Women may wear makeup by day three and men may shave right away after a light treatment.

Aggressive Fraxel® Laser treatments, those that cover a large fraction of the skin surface and/or penetrate very deeply, have a longer recovery. In these cases, your plastic surgeon may ask you to wash your face frequently with a mild cleanser and apply a moisturizing cream or balm. You may also need to use gauze to dab or bandage any oozing areas. In very aggressive treatments, you may require oral analgesics for a few days to help relieve the pain. Ice packs can also help to relieve the pain and will help to keep swelling down. Swelling, redness and oozing may be apparent for several days in very aggressive treatments.


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