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Compression Techniques

After your nose surgery - Using compression techniques

Note: This page is intended to provide a description of compression techniques, not to provide medical advice. Compression is recommended in certain cases following nose surgery and not in others.  Follow the advice that your plastic surgeon gives to you.

Some doctors recommend compression exercises to help reduce swelling and keep the "narrow appearance" of the nose. With compression exercises, the patient sits in from of a mirror and presses the nasal bones together with the index fingers. The "pressing" should be held for a minute at a time, and should be conducted several times a day.

Compression exercises may also be needed to keep cartilage from going back to its former crooked state. Because the entire cartilage can not be removed, the remaining cartilage tends to want to go back to its former position during the healing process. In these cases, individuals are asked to push the cartilage of the nose to the opposite side it wants to bend. These exercises last from 30 seconds to one minute per session, and should be completed at least 10 times a day for the first month. The duration and frequency may be different with each person. Your plastic surgeon will provide you with instruction in the proper techniques in your particular situation.


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