Nose Surgery Packing and Medication

Nose Surgery

Packing and Medication

After your nose surgery - Nasal packing and medication

Packing the nose after surgery

After nose surgery, packing may be placed into both nostrils. The packing provides two functions. It acts as a splint, keeping the septum and mucosal lining in place, and it reduces bleeding and possible internal scarring. The patient will need to breathe out of the mouth while packing is in place.

Packing used to be an unpleasant experience. There have been some improvements made to the yards of material stuffed inside of the nose. Nasal plugs are now available that work something like tampons. Although still unpleasant while the packing is inside the nose, the plugs make removal a better experience because each plug is removed with one swift tug. Some discomfort will be experienced upon the removal of the packing. The packing is usually removed within a week of the surgery.

Medication for your nose surgery recovery

Your plastic surgeon may prescribe pain medication to be taken after your nose surgery. Decongestants may also be prescribed to reduce internal swelling. You will experience some discomfort in the tip of your nose for weeks after the surgery. In addition, your nose may ache for a period of time after the surgery (usually a few days to a week). Some people also experience headaches after surgery. These are usually temporary.


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