Nose Surgery Recovery

Nose Surgery Recovery

What Happens After Surgery?

After your nose surgery - The recovery process

You will experience swelling of the eyes, nose, and sometimes face after the operation.  If your nose bone was broken, some discoloration of the eyes may occur. Some discomfort will be experienced within the nose.

Many patients feel like needles are pricking the end of the nose, and some patients experience a dull ache in the nose. Swelling and bruising around the face may become worse a few days after the operation, but should be gone within two weeks. Cold compresses should be applied frequently for 20 minute periods. Some minute swelling may remain for a few months. Chances are that you will be the only one to notice the swelling.

Your nose will probably bleed for a few days after the nose surgery.

In addition to the packing, most people wear a drip pad under the nose for a few days. An external splint may also be used to keep the bones and cartilage in place during the initial healing process.

For the first few days after the operation, plan on remaining in bed with your head in an elevated position.

Throughout the first two weeks after surgery, you should not take part in any physical or strenuous activity, especially bending or lifting. In addition, care should be taken not to bump the nose for a few months after the surgery. Any trauma to your nose could have an adverse effect on the healing process.

If you wear glasses, care should also be taken in wearing your glasses after surgery. In some cases, glasses may need to be taped to the forehead or cheeks to keep the weight off your nose and allow the nose to heal.

It is very important to stay out of the sun for two months after the surgery. In some cases, the skin of the nose is parted from the bone and septum. The skin is then re-draped over the "new nose." This may cause the nose to peel after the surgery. Care should be taken with the new, sensitive layer of skin. Any exposure to the sun could cause scarring.  You will probably be told to wear a sunscreen on your nose when you go outside.

Also, many plastic surgeons ask people not to blow their nose or sneeze out of their nose for the first few weeks to avoid damaging the internal tissue of the nose.

Getting back to your normal routine and going back to work

Most people can go back to work one to two weeks after surgery. It will take several weeks before normal activity can be resumed, and the patient feels like himself or herself.


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